Florida pit bull, adopted from shelter, fights off coyotes and saves new owner’s cat

A cat owned by a pet-loving family from the city of Seminole in Pinellas County has had an incredibly lucky escape after it was attacked by two wild coyotes. The cat, named Kitty, was in her own back garden when the incident occurred, and it was witnessed by one of her owners: 47-year old mother-of-two Pam Taylor.

“I was in the laundry doing the washing when I heard a commotion in the garden. Looking out the window I saw two big coyotes, and one of them had Kitty by the neck and was shaking her violently,” said Mrs Taylor. In a panic, she rushed to fetch her husband, Greg, from the couple’s bedroom to come and help.

“Pam started hollering and shouting, but she made it clear that Kitty was in danger, so we rushed outside to try and scare [the coyotes] off,” said Mr Taylor. “We’ve had a few cases of coyotes coming into people’s properties in the neighborhood and killing pets, so I was afraid we might be too late.”

However, as the Taylor’s rushed out to the yard, they were stunned to see their recently-adopted dog, a pit bull named Jack, taking up the fight against the unwelcome intruders. “We’d only had Jack for a few weeks, and he hadn’t taken much of an interest in Kitty,” said Mrs Taylor, “so we were shocked to see him stand up for her and give those coyotes a taste of their own medicine.”

Thanks to Jack’s quick action, the coyotes released Kitty and made a quick escape. The Taylor’s grabbed both their pets and rushed to a nearby vet, where Kitty was sent for immediate attention. Despite losing a tooth and suffering brain swelling in the violent encounter, Kitty is expected to make a full recovery and has been back home for several days. Jack sustained only minor cuts in the scuffle, but they didn’t seem to bother him one bit.

“It was weird, because since we brought Jack home from the shelter, he barely gave Kitty a passing glance the whole time before the coyote attack,” said Mr Taylor. “But since he saved her, he’s been watching over her basket like he’s standing guard and waiting to see if the coyotes will come back. He even lets her share his dog bed now, which he wouldn’t do before.”

The Taylor’s both agree that without Jack’s intervention, Kitty would have certainly been killed by the coyotes. “We saw him run over to her, it was like a lightning bolt. I’ve never seen a dog move so fast,” said Mrs Taylor. “I shudder to think what would have happened if we hadn’t adopted Jack. He saved our Kitty’s life.”

Mr Taylor agrees with his wife’s view. “That dog is a hero to me,” he said. “Pit bulls might get a bad rap from a lot of people, saying that they are violent or aggressive, but Jack has shown they can also be incredibly brave and protective.”